Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KPK), Pakistan

Our Process

WAK Group commissioned a technical feasibility study to identify the best possible facility to minimize the initial investment cost for setting up a full conversion Refinery. The technical feasibility study was conducted by Transword Engineering Services. WAK Group target is to process the imported crude (90%) with 10% local crude that is being produced from different oil wells in KPK (District, Karak) to produce petroleum products principally for sale by meeting the required EURO-II specifications. WAK Group intends to install a refining complex/full conversion refinery in Dera Ismail Khan (KPK), comprising of crude distillation unit, Naphtha Hydrotreater unit, Reformer unit, Isomerization unit and Thermal gas oil unit along with all auxiliary units and Effluent treatment plant to meet the country demand of finished petroleum products by following all applicable engineering practices, regulations and National Environmental Quality Standards.

Pakistan is experiencing an annual deficit in the supply of petroleum products. It has become paramount for an increase in private investments in the Pakistan refining sector to tackle this chronic challenge. The demand of petroleum product is expected to rise potentially as country is entering into a new era of growth through CPEC development.
The way petroleum product consumption has gone up is unprecedented. Pakistan being a longitudinal market for petroleum products- where the points of supply like ports are located in the south and bulk consumption increasing at north makes it all the more important to address the issue of refined products availability and storage facilities in northern region of the country. Government of Pakistan encourages private entities to invest in refining sector as well as in developing products storage infrastructure, in order to fill in the gap of supply & demand.
In order to avoid usage of foreign exchange on Oil Imports, WAK GROUP has taken an initiative to set up a state of the art full conversion refinery with the name of Falcon Oil Refinery to process imported crudes of capacity 100,000 bbls/day. GOP import bills reduction will be as follows: − Crude import will be reduced by 20%. − HSD import bill will be reduced by 75%. − PMG import bill will be reduced by 52% The Petroleum Products being exported from Iran, Iraq & Middle East to upper China has a journey of approximately 9000 to 12000km. FWO in collaboration with a leading Oil Supply Company of the world intends to connect Gwadar Port to Kasghar through a Pipeline network of Approximately 3000Km(Crude and finished products network). The Single Point Mooring (SPM) facility will be developed at Gwadar Port (Oil City dedicated at Gwadar Port), Jacobabad and Thallian with Booster Stations at every 200KM.
The Storage Point at Thallian shall act as the pivotal Storage point connecting all the three parts of the country, with branch line connectivity to all the four provinces of the country. The development of 1.6 Million Ton storage capacity along Gwadar-Kasghar Pipeline network is the financially viable, environmentally safe and shortest route for supplying Crude and Petroleum Products from Iran, Iraq & Middle East to Upper China.
The Mahmood Kot-Faisalabad-Machikae (MFM) extension i.e. WOP extension from Faisalabad up till Thallian (the source point declared by MOP & NR) adopting the ROW along Motorway. The pipeline network at Thallian will further be extended to Tarrujabba which at present is connected through road network. The proposed extension has high potential of connecting the refined products from Falcon Oil refinery in Northern Province of the Country (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) with the Petroleum Pipeline network.
Project configuration and technical details

The new refinery is intended to process crude oils imported via Karachi through extended PARCO line and Crude supply line from Gwadar to Kasghar. Falcon Oil (a project of WAK Group of companies) has already placed an EPC contract with one of the leading Chinese organization, M/S GEDI Guangzhou, to set up a refining complex to process 100,000 bbls/day imported crudes. Company has commissioned Xingjiang petroleum Engineering China and Foster Wheeler UK as technical consultants, to get their services for detailed feasibility study of the complex, for developing basic engineering design package and front end engineering design followed by detail engineering with consultation of technology licensors UOP, Axens and Albemarle.